America needs Chuck Norris

There are more cabinet level positions, but these are the only ones I’d fill right away. They’re not Cabinet level positions, but I’d insist on having Michael Symon or Bobby Flay as Whitehouse Chefs.

Chuck Norris
If he was Secretary of Defense, no one would mess with US.

Ron Paul
As Secretary of State, he would get us out of the UN.

Keifer Sutherland
as Secretary of Homeland Security. He’s Jack Bauer! Need I say more?

Fred Dalton Thompson
as Attorney General. He is a former Senator. He played a lawyer on TV, that makes him more qualified than Obama’s current AG.

Ben Stein
Gets my nomination for Secretary of Education because he made the movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.”

Bill Gates
would make an excellent Secretary of the Treasury. He already has more money than God, so he should be able to manage the US treasury.

Ty Pennington
as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Because he knows how to build houses … fast!


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