Failed knickerbomber scores a Win for the Terrorists

Remember when the liberals were criticizing the Bush administration for trying to pass anti-terrorism legislation? Now they're in charge and it's time for them to do something about it. Barack can't blame Bush anymore.
The extreme measures the TSA is proposing now — no bathroom breaks, no electronics or reading material in your lap during the last hour of a flight — are all reactionary and do nothing to solve the real problem.
Maybe if the ACLU and others hadn't objected to full body scans at airports, we wouldn't have had these problems this weekend? I think the body scans don't amount to a "virtual strip search" as the ACLU claimed. I'd rather walk through a scanner than submit to a more intrusive pat down.
Until Obama realizes this is a war just as serious as the Cold War, the terrorists will continue to win these small victories. These guys on the flights to Detroit should be treated as enemy combatants and sent off to Gitmo.

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