Biggest Challenge for the Eagles This Week?

The Snap! Jamaal Jackson tore knee ligaments in their win over the Denver Broncos. Making his first NFL start at center will be Nick Cole. Cole filled in at center against the Broncos, but McNabb fumbled two snaps, and three offensive linemen were penalized for false starts. While you can't blame all the false starts on the new center, it certainly doesn't make things easier for the linemen.
The good news is that Brian Westbrook is back after missing 5 games. His performance last week against the Broncos was promising, he had 9 carries for a total of 32 yards. In his last game against Dallas, Westbrook carried the ball 13 times for 50 yards rushing.
Does it matter that Michael Vick may not be available to play? Probably not, but we'd certainly like to see him out on the field for a few key plays. If McNabb gets hurt, Kevin Kolb who proved himself against the Chiefs can help the Eagles soar to victory.
Bring out your big guns Dallas, we're flying into town with victory on our minds!

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