Time to put McNabb on the Bench

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Donovan McNabb’s performance Saturday night against Dallas was … what’s the right word … pathetic! One completed pass in the entire first half? Really, that’s all you could manage Donovan? That was the biggest letdown I’ve ever experienced in over 30 years of watching the Eagles.
Earlier I wrote about Philadelphia’s acquisition of Michael Vick as their backup quarterback. It’s time for Vick to become their starting quarterback. That game against Dallas should be McNabb’s last game as the Eagles starter. The only excitement for Eagles fans came in the first half when Vick threw a pass for 67 yards and a touchdown. That quieted the 90,000+ Cowboys fans in Arlington.
Why Andy Reid didn’t leave Vick in the game after that, I’ll never understand. The team was fired up and the Cowboys defense was back on their heels after that first touchdown. Why bring McNabb back into the game? It’s going to be a very long off-season for Andy Reid, I really hope he thinks about his choice for starting QB next year.
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