Jim DeMint should have given the Republican response to SOTU address

In an extremely well written and well thought out editorial, Jim DeMint lays out an alternate plan for solving our Nation's biggest problems. Here are the major points with my comments in italics:
  • Stop all scheduled tax increases and push Congress to cut taxes across the board so no American pays more than 25 percent of their income in federal taxes.
    Sounds reasonable to me.
  • Cut federal spending down to 20 percent of GDP, its post-WWII average as a share of the economy, and impose a moratorium on all earmarks until the budget is balanced.
    This is a great idea, but I doubt it will fly.
  • Keep the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay open to ensure that terrorists cannot be released or transferred into the United States.
    Obama's base would be angered if he went back on his campaign promise to close Gitmo.
  • Protect our nation's intelligence community from civil liability stemming from the actions that prevent acts of terrorism.
    I'm not sure I agree completely with this point.
  • Reform entitlements to give Americans greater control over their retirement, keep our promises to seniors, and control long-term spending without raising taxes.
    I'm all for privatizing Social Security and creating the "lockbox" that congress critters are always talking about.
  • Lower health care costs without growing the government by limiting frivolous medical lawsuits and by allowing Americans to access health plans across state lines.
    Two excellent ideas that the Republicans need to insist on before any healthcare bill is passed. Now that they have 41 Senate votes, they might be able to get the Democrats to listen.
  • Lower energy prices and reduce our dependence on Middle East oil by allowing exploration in Alaska and the Outer Continental Shelf.
    "Drill Here, Drill Now!"
  • Enhance primary and secondary education by reforming the No Child Left Behind law so states have the flexibility to innovate and achieve results in the classroom.
    This doesn't go far enough. We need to completely repeal NCLB. In face, I think we should completely abolish the Department of Education and return control of schools to local governments and parents.

So, I agree with Senator DeMint on almost everything he said, except his plan to reform education.


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