What is the Tea Party movement all about?

Let Freedom Ring has a great summary of what the Tea Party movement is not:
  • The Tea Party movement is not a nascent third party.

  • The Tea Party movement is not "anti-tax."

  • The Tea Party movement is not driven by social conservatism.

  • The Tea Party movement is not some subculture of bug-eyed lunatics!

The Tea Party movement is a made up of individuals and organizations who believe in a government limited by the powers enumerated in the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment. People in this grass-roots freedom movement are for lower taxes, smaller government and less intrustion in their lives generally.
How do you accomplish these things? Abolish unconstitutional government programs to make the government smaller. The federal Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development would be a good place to start. Getting the government out of the healthcare and retirement planning business would be good too.
Some people say the Tea Party movement is led by Fox News and big corporations, especially insurance and pharmacutical companies. When I attended a rally last year, I didn’t see one sign made by big pharma and Fox News was nowhere to be seen.
The United States government needs to learn to live within its means. The current high tax rates do not encourage people to do their best. Why work harder if it puts you into a higher tax bracket? The Reagan tax cuts proves that cutting tax rates actually increases revenue.
I’ve always advocated for a Fair Tax or a flat tax. No more than 9% for everybody. (Government shouldn’t ask for more than God.) If that doesn’t meet current budgets, then you need major cuts in government.
If you want to learn what the Tea Party movement is all about, don't read the New York Times. Attend a rally and see for yourself.

One thought on “What is the Tea Party movement all about?

  1. 3rd party foolishness invariably has it’s roots in the mass media, both LMS and conservative. They are the only ones babbling about it. Tea partiers do not have this in their ideas. All they want is small-scale government, lower taxes, sharper security for the country and an adhesion to the Constitution. The media’s job is to make people all wild about anything and invariably overlooking the point. How many times must Sarah say to the rest of you 3rd party cause characters that this is not a political party? Right this red hot minute, those principles really live on in the Republican Party platform. Not so much in the Democrat’s. It’s becoming quite boring for Sarah to have to keep saying to the media what she says and thinks. She always says what she means and means what she states. This is not a big mystery. There are way too many individuals that call themselves journalists that have comprehension troubles.


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