Why Boys Fail

I was just turned on to a new book titled “Why Boys Fail: Saving Our Sons from an Educational System That’s Leaving Them Behind” by this article in the NY Times. I’m downloading the Kindle version to my iPod so I have it with me wherever I go. Based on what I’ve read so far, it should be required reading for every school teacher and school administrator. My son struggled in a public Kindergarten classroom because of his teacher’s bias against boys. On several occasions he came home from school with a “red card” because he acted out in a way his teacher considered inappropriate. When he told me what he did, I laughed because my view was that he was just being a boy. Boys aren’t given any outlet for their pent up energy and that causes them to fidget and appear inattentive in class. Whatever happened to playing “cowboys and indians” or “cops and robbers” on the playground? Why can’t they play touch football games at recess anymore? Boys will occasionally knock each other down or tackle each other on the playground. That’s not a reason for harsh discipline. Get up and dust yourself off, shake hands and walk away. No blood, no foul.

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