I Quit!

I am tired of writing about politics. I’ve been let down by both the Republican and Democrat parties. I see no Hope and Change on either side. Until the American political system is changed to allow more parties to participate in the political process, nothing will change.

I still haven’t registered to vote in South Carolina (mainly because I my PA driver’s license won’t expire until October) and I may not register at all. I’m going to become a political dropout. Unless people ask me about my political views, I’m not going to share them anymore.

Until I decide on something else to write about, the New Trommetter Times blog is on hiatus!

Disclaimer: I’m an admitted political junkie, so I’m probably going to suffer some withdrawal. If I can’t handle it, I might just have to start writing about politics again. Wish me luck!

Photo Credit: Joseph Mark Jarvis on Flickr

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One thought on “I Quit!

  1. Sorry to read, first time I see your blog, that you are quitting writing bout politics. We need as many Christian libertarians getting the message out as possible.

    I’ll check back in the next time I update my Christian libertarian Blog List, to see if you are still active. I bet you will be …


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