Oh! My Aching Back!

It all started when I woke up last Monday morning with so much pain in my lower right back I thought for sure I had a kidney stone. Scheduled an appointment with my Doc for that afternoon. He drew some blood, I peed in a cup and we determined that I didn’t have kidney stones an infection. My white blood cell count was high so the Doc suspects I have problems with my gall bladder. So he sends me to the hospital for an abdominal ultrasound and a gall bladder function test.

They do the ultrasound and can’t find anything wrong. Gall bladder looks normal. Pancreas, liver and kidneys all look normal. So, now it’s time to do a gall bladder scan, but they don’t have any of the nuclear material needed to do the scan. They send me home.

Doc says if I’m still having pain, we need to reschedule the gall bladder scan. So they reschedule it for today.

Yesterday I went back to the Doc and he checked my white blood cell count again. It was higher than normal, but not as high as it was last week.

First thing they do when I get to the hospital today is turn me into a pin cushion. They told me not to eat or drink anything from midnight on so I didn’t, but that means I’m now dehydrated and they can’t find a vein. They try my right arm, they try my left arm. No luck, so they try the right arm again. Finally they find a good vein on the back of my left hand.

After all this, they finally start the test by injecting me with a radioactive liquid. X-Ray tech watches it go through my heart, then into my liver. The liver metabolizes the stuff and then passes it through the bile ducts to the gall bladder, or does it?

It takes almost an hour for the nuclear material to show up in my gall bladder. Then we have to wait for half an hour. The tech injects a new chemical in my IV that’s supposed to release the same hormones that get released when you have a big meal. That tells the gall bladder to go to work. Now we wait another half hour and watch the radioactivity leave my gall bladder.

At the end of the morning, the test is done but I still don’t know what’s causing the pain. The tech has to compile the results and send the pictures and numbers to my Doc. Hope he knows something tomorrow.

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