Tea Party and Social Media

A lot of the old media players are calling Tea Partiers racists because their anger didn’t boil over until Obama was elected President. Network “reporters” at CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, etc. point to the spendthrift ways of the Bush administration and ask why didn’t they complain when Bush was in the Whitehouse? My original answer was that Obama is spending even more money than Bush, at a faster rate.

Then I realized that wasn’t it at all. Tea Parties wouldn’t happen without the internet and social media. Prior to 2008 hardly anybody used social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to get out their message and organize their campaign volunteers. Obama changed all that. He ran the most social media savvy Presidential campaign to date. He even went so far as to announce his Veep choice via TXT message and Twitter.

Some people, especially establishment media types, call the Tea Partiers dumb. They’re not dumb, they’re smart and have used social media to organize their protests. They looked at how Barack organizes his perpetual campaign and are using those same methods against him. Democrats no longer have an advantage in the internet arena.

Google “Tea Party” and you get over 63 million hits. Search for Tea Party pages on Facebook and you get about 1,700 results. You get 375,000 results when you search for Tea Party on YouTube. Try searching for hashtags #teaparty and #tcot (True Conservatives on Twitter) and the new tweets start coming in at a fantastic rate.

Social media has made it easier for dissenters voices to be heard and Tea Partiers are becoming masters of this new domain.

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