Gallbladder Removal Successful

My wife tells me the gallbladder surgery (cholecystectomy) only took 45 minutes. I got to the hospital around 6:00 for surgery prep. I was outa’ there by 11:00. Many thanks to Dr. John Carey, the anesthesiologist and all the nurses.

The most painful thing about the surgery was the gas they pump into your abdomen so they have room to work. When I woke up I had trouble breathing because there was so much pressure on my diaphragm. Have you ever felt like you really need to burp, but can’t? That’s what it felt like for about 45 minutes until I could actually burp a few times.

Auburn took me home and I ate a few crackers and ginger ale, then took a nap. I could probably sleep for the entire day, but the surgeon told me I had to get up and walk around from time to time. They are right, recovery should be swift. Feel like I’ll be able to be back at work on Tuesday. Glad it’s a Holiday weekend.


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