Election Predictions

I have some predictions for the most hotly contested races in the Senate today:

Harry Reid will lose his election in Nevada, but keep his Senate seat
in Washington. I think the election is going to be so close that he’ll
manage to steal enough votes and the courts will award him another
term. You watch, it’s going to be just like Al Franken’s race in 2008
where a decision didn’t come untiil 8 months later. Harry probably has
the court papers all ready to be filed on Wednesday morning.

You heard it here first!

I predict Pat Toomey will win in Pennsylvania by a wider than expected
margin. Voters in PA are fed up with Democrats. I know people were
really upset with Benedict Specter so they’re not likely to look
favorably at Sestak.

I predict Christine O’Donnell will win in Delaware. The media has
tried to paint here as a Sarah Palin clone, but I don’t think the
people of DE are bying it. I think anit-Obama and anti-Democrat
sentiment will be enough to give her a clear victory.

Anybody else have any predictions?


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