Democrats get trampled in Pennsylvania

I'm a political junkie, I can't help myself. I've been looking at the numbers in the Senate and Governor's races in Pennsylvania, where I lived for 24 of my 43 years. And the numbers are very interesting.
If you look at the county-by-county breakdown for the Senate race, almost the entire state is Red or Pink. (Pink signifies a narrow Republican victory.) The only blue counties are around Pittsburg and Philadelphia where you expect Democrats to do well. (Lackawanna is the weird exception.)  Even some traditionally Democrat counties like Cumberland, Dauphin and Lehigh voted for Tea-Party backed candidate Pat Toomey.
Ed Rendell was an extremely popular governor winning his last election 60% to ~40% over football player Lynn Swann. Rendell's popularity wasn't enough to translate into a win for Dan Onorato. Maybe part of Onorato's problem was lack of name recognition. (I never heard his name until he announced his candidacy for Governor.) I think Tom Corbett's win was a repudiation of Obama's policies, especially ObamaCare. (As Attorney General Corbett promised to sue Obama over the health care bill.)
Even the House delegation has flipped parties. Republicans gained 5 seats to make it 7 Democrats and 12 Repulicans (a complete reversal.)
Contrast this with 2008 where Obama won the state 55% to 44%. Since then Benedict Specter switched parties from Republican to Democrat. Then Specter lost his primary to Sestak. Pennsylvania was clearly a Democrat state before this election. Now it's a Republican state.
Overall, Pennsylvania was a complete loss for Obama and the Democrats.

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