What’s the Media Spin on the Mid-Term Elections?

Everybody knew the media would spin this election as a Tea Party loss if any Republican candidate lost a Senate seat election. Predictably they're focusing on the losses of Angle and O'Donnell. Since those two women lost, the Tea Party is a failure.

That's a total and complete lie! Tea Party candidates won more than they lost. Nikki Haley won in South Carolina. Mark Rubio won in Florida. Pat Toomey and Tom Corbett won in Pennsylvania. Rand Paul, possibly the most high profile winner, won in Kentucky. (Jim DeMint, a prominent Tea Party leader, won in South Carolina. His victory was assured when the Democrats nominated Alvin Green, a homeless bum.)

As near as I can recall, Sarah Palin campaigned for all the Tea Party candidates I've mentioned here. That puts her in a good position to do well in the early primaries in 2012. The country has told Obama, "We'll keep our God and our Guns, you can keep the Hope and Change."

Why is a Libertarian like myself speaking favorable of the Tea Party candidates? Because most of them talk like Libertarians. I can agree with them on most economic issues and they're all Pro-Life. That's why I'm happy they won.

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