Shut It Down!

Let the current continuing spending resolution expire on Saturday. Then shut the government down on Monday. The American people would be better off with no government for a few weeks that we would be if Harry Reid crams his current Omnibus spending bill down our throats.
This bill:
  • Spends $1.1 Trillion

  • Is 1,924 pages long at $575.13 million spent per page

  • Spends $1 billion for pre-funding of the un-Constitutional Obama/Pelosi/Reid health care takeover

  • Includes 6,488 pork-barrel earmarks identified so far

Americans for Pprosperity has this to say about Harry's spending habits:
The omnibus bill is an unaffordable disaster that must be defeated.  The Senate had all year to pass appropriations and failed to do its job.  It has no right to completely disregard a national election and do so now.  The American people rejected earmarks, but this bill has thousands of them.  The American people oppose ObamaCare, and voted in huge numbers for candidates who promised not to fund it.  This bill lavishly funds ObamaCare, allowing implementation to move forward.  The American people demanded spending restraint.  This bill busts the budget one last time.  Any senator who votes for this bill is putting pork before principle, and using a lame duck session to cheat the American people.  Tell your representatives to Vote No on cloture on the omnibus.  I further urge you to support a clean short-term continuing resolution to allow the new Congress to get to work next year agressively cutting spending.
Harry/Nancy, didn't you hear the American people speak in November? We said no! No more pork barrel spending. No funding for ObamaCare. No more new spending unless you pay for it with cuts in other areas. You lost! Get over it.
The Democrats had plenty of time to pass a budget before November and they didn't. Now they know they're on their way out and they're trying to set spending levels for half of the next Republican-controlled Congress. Then they'll look back in 2012 and say, "See, the Republicans didn't cut spending either." They're all a bunch of hypocrites and liars!
Write your Congress critters and tell them NO!

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