Jesus Is Involved in Politics (Book Review)

Over 30 million Evangelicals and Conservative Catholics don't vote! Get 30% of them out to the polls and we win every election without having to argue with a non-Christian. Are you registered to vote? Do you vote?

I just started reading this great book by Neil Mammen, Jesus is involved in politics! The subtitle is "Why aren't You? Why isn't your Church?" A lot of what Neil writes is things I've said in political discussions before, he just says it more coherently.

The first thing he writes about is "Setting Fire to the Straw Men." Basically, this means countering all the logical fallicies about Christians getting involved in politics.

One straw man argument I hear frequently from my liberal friends is, "You just want to setup a 'Christian Taliban.'" This is both a logical fallacy and a personal attack on Christians.

We would never want to do that. Never ever! I do think we should use the Bible as a guide, but I do not recommend legislating directly from it. [page A6]


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