Smiths Foodworks (Restaurant Review)


This restaurant just opened up a few short weeks ago and already they have a booming business. Their atmosphere, service and food all combine for a great dining experience. My wife and I stopped by for lunch on St. Patrick’s Day.

Atmosphere: When you walk in the door you are greeted by this imaginative little cow sculpture. There are some other eclectic decorations about the restaurant that make the place a cozy local bistro. Our waitress greeted my us and told us to pick a seat anywhere, it’s a friendly place like that. I think there are only 40 or 50 seats in the entire establishment.Service: The waitress asked for our drink order and brought them to us quickly. Since this was our first time, she gave us a few extra minutes to look over the menu. She took time to answer our questions about the food and we found out they take pride in using local, natural ingredients.

During a brief chat with the manager, we found out their business is growing quickly and they were already short-staffed. I knew that meant we were in for a long wait for our main course, and I was right. The manager served us complimentary pita chips and a local southern specialty, pimento cheese spread.

Food: The menu has good variety for such a small restaurant. The lunch menu contained imaginative choices from three categories, Salads, Small Plates and Sandwiches. My wife and I both chose sandwiches.

She had a “Round Cow,” an extra-large hamburger topped with special sauce and choice of crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, cheddar or Havarti and grilled onions. Fresh cut French fries seasoned with sea salt were the accompaniment. (I think they would have been great with malt vinegar, but my wife doesn’t roll that way.)

I chose the “Hot Tin Roof,” tender beef roast slow cooked in a house-made chili (BBQ) sauce. I really enjoyed the beef, very tender and easy to bite into on a hoagie roll. My side was fresh cut sweet potato chips seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper. The balance between sweet and savory was perfect.

By the time we finished our main course, we were too full for dessert, so I took a piece of green velvet cake with me. It was a green version of the typical southern style red velvet cake. Really nothing special but a sweet ending to the meal.

I’m sure we’ll go back soon, perhaps on a Sunday to try their brunch menu.

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