Are Government Jobs Important?

At a townhall style meeting, one woman had the “courage” to challenge the President about jobs. Was this woman planted in the audience to give Obama a chance to defend government unions and blame the evil Republicans for her job loss?

It is not an opportune time for me, I am seven months pregnant in a high-risk pregnancy, my first pregnancy. My husband and I are in the middle of building a house. We’re not sure if we’re gonna be completely approved.

I’m not exactly in a position to waltz right in and and do great on interviews, based on my timing with the birth. And so, I’m stressed, I’m worried. I’m scared about what I — what my future holds. I definitely need a job. And I just wonder what would you do, if you were me?

Let’s take a look at some of the facts about this woman.

Karin Gallo is a worker represented by the AFSCME, a union of government workers, who works at the National Zoo. Seems to me like union rules would protect her. There are a lot of jobs available right now at the Smithsonian which also runs the zoo. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is a “senior public affairs specialist.” Seems like she should be able to find another government job somewhere else at the Smithsonian.

Instead of answering her question, Obama launched into an attack on Republicans.

Let me just first of all say that workers like you, for the federal, state, and local governments, are so important for our vital services. And it frustrates me sometimes when people talk about “government jobs” as if somehow those are worth less than private sector jobs.

I think there’s nothing more important than working on behalf of the American people.

Obama is completely out of touch with reality. Government jobs do not contribute to economic recovery. They suck money out of the economy. Obviously this woman’s job is not important because she is “non-essential employee number seven.” That means the National Zoo can stay open and function without her.

Why did she assume she had a solid government job for life? This is the mentality that way too many union members have these days. They think, “The taxpayers owe me!” Guess what? We don’t owe you anything. Just like my boss doesn’t owe me anything. I’ve already been paid for the work I’ve done, I have no guaranteed job security just like the majority of non-union taxpayers in the United States.

Karin, get over it. We don’t have the money to pay you anymore and we don’t need you.

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