Media is Driving Romney’s Candidacy

The biggest mistake the Republicans made in 2008 was letting the lamestream media pick their candidate. The media wanted McCain to be the GOPnominee because they thought he would lose. (They were right.) If the Republicans let the media pick their candidate again in 2012, they’ll lose again.

That’s what’s happening with Romney. He’s the choice of the major media outlets because they know he can’t win. The media want to split the Republicans hoping the most conservative voters won’t vote for Romney and some third-party candidate will siphon votes from the Republican nominee.
A lot of evangelical Christians won’t vote for Romney because he’s a Mormon. The liberal talking heads don’t care because they’re areligious and some are even hostile to every organized religion (except Islam.)

The lamestream media is afraid of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman andRon Paul. That’s why the denigrate them so much calling them crazy lunatics and fringe candidates.

If the Republicans nominate a true conservative, they’ll win. Obama’s latest approval ratings show that America doesn’t like the direction Barack is steering the ship. The country will pivot on a dime if they see a real alternative to what’s been going on in Washington since Democratstook control of congress over 5 years ago. (Yes, the Republicans have taken back the house but they haven’t really done anything yet.)

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