Occupy Wall Street is nothing like the TEA Party

Anybody who tries to tell you so probably thinks Tea Partiers are racists too. Here’s five, no make that six, ways the two groups are polar opposites.

  1. The Tea Party is a grass-roots movement rising up from anger with both major political parties.
  2. TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. The Tea Party has two major goals: lower taxes and smaller government.
  3. Tea Partiers do not got to rallies with the intent of causing a confrontation with police. They do not block traffic and try to disrupt the flow of commerce.
  4. Tea Partiers are Capitalists
  5. Tea Partiers respect the rule of law.
  6. Tea Partiers go home at the end of the day, take a shower and go to work the next day.


Tax Day TEA Party Rally


  1. Occupy Wall Street is a movement backed by Big Labor and now it has the support of Barack Obama Himself. (After all, these are his peeps.)
  2. I’ve looked around online for days and I still can’t find a cohesive statement from the occupy Wall Street crowd.
  3. Occupy Wall Street intentionally causes confrontations with police. They want to get arrested and step out in traffic to cause major disruptions.
  4. Occupy Wall Street is a Socialist movement that seeks to destroy Capitalism.
  5. Occupy Wall Street hippies flaunt the rules.
  6. Occupy Wall Street hippies camp out for days, don’t shower and presumably have no jobs.


Occupy Wall Street protestors disrupt traffic

So you see, the two movements are nothing alike.


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