Liberals Encourage Dependence on Government

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Two recent, seemingly unrelated news stories lead me to believe liberals don’t want teenagers to learn responsibility. They would rather have them remain dependent on the government than become individual successes on their own.

The first story is of a young man, 13 years old, who wanted to open a hotdog stand to earn money and help his disabled parents. But the town of Holland, Michigan shut him down! They used an obscure law, passed to benefit restaurant owners, that bans food carts in the area where he wanted to operate.

The second story is of a young woman who got a job working in the South Carolina State House gift shop. It just so happens that the 14-year-old is the daughter of Governor Nikki Haley. Critics are calling this “nepotism.” I think it’s a great mother teaching her daughter an important life lesson. Yes, she may be the Governor’s daughter, but she’s not getting a free ride! You want spending money, earn it yourself.

This summer I insisted my daughter find a job and she did, at Burger King. Not glamorous work, but you’ve got to start somewhere. I told her she had to earn half the money she needs to take a drivers ed class before she could get her drivers license. It will mean much more to her if she has to work for it!

Liberals should not criticize or stand in the way when young people want to actually earn something.

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