Madison Rising!

Madison Rising may be my new favorite band! They are a ​conservative​ rock band and they want to get out a limited government message to the younger generation. In their YouTube videos, they look a little like some of the hair bands from the 80′s.

Their sound is hard to describe. “Right to Bear” sounds like it might have been performed by Metallica, but not all their songs are heavy metal. “Where Was the Media Then” is about how the media doesn’t truthfully report on events. They play the most awesome version of our National Anthem that I’ve ever heard!

Their lyrics make it clear they really believe in conservatism. Here’s the chorus from “Right to Bear:”

Its one of my rights as a free man
To protect my home when needed
I demand my right to bear arms

Watch a few of their videos on YouTube. If you like their music and their message, consider supporting their next album and concert tour on Kickstarter.

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via New Trommetter Times


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