Dick Harpootlian Compares Nikki Haley To Hitler’s Mistress Eva Braun


Little Dickie Harpootlian is a despicable human being. He never gives up a chance to attack Nikki Haley. Dickie and his buddies told all sorts of lies to derail her gubernatorial campaign, didn’t work. I think he might have even called her a “raghead.” Those good ‘ole boys can’t stand an uppity minority woman with power.

Harpootlian is not backing down, either. He said, “Hell no. What am I apologizing for?”

via Huffington Post.

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via New Trommetter Times http://www.trommetter.com/log/archives/2012/09/06/dick-harpootlian-compares-nikki-haley-to-hitlers-mistress-eva-braun/


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