iOS 6 vs. Android

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Apple’s iOS 6 Available September 19.

Apple announced a bunch of “new” features to iOS 6 today that are already available in Android.

  • Some Android models already come with better cameras than what will be available on the iPhone 5. I can shoot panoramas with my current Samsung phone.
  • Tight Twitter and Facebook integration are already available on Android in the form of home-screen widgets (something Apple still doesn’t have) and application menus.
  • Android already has Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that sync tabs across devices.
  • Some Android phones already have the ability to Skype over cellular networks.
  • My current Samsung phone already gives me the ability to reply with a canned SMS message if I don’t want to answer my phone.
  • Google Mail already has priority inbox feature.

Apple always claims to be innovative, but as you can see in some ways they’re playing catchup with Android.

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