Nutrition Nannies

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 is causing some students to starve!

Well-meaning bureaucrats, who know nothing about the nutritional requirements of teenagers, passed a law. Now, when it is implemented, we find out that some students are not getting enough calories to fuel them in class or on the sports field/court.

Back in 2011, my son’s school tried to get all families to sign a CATCH commitment. I refused and wouldn’t let my wife sign it either. Instead, I sent an e-mail to one of the administrators explaining our objections.

Where do I even start? I was really shocked by this “CATCH Commitment” document that came home in my child’s folder today. In years past I occasionally brought in outside food to eat with my children at lunch time. This was always a special treat. Is this new restriction on outside food something that Greenville County Schools is adopting or is it just at AJ Whittenberg? Have soft drinks been banned from all county schools or just AJW?

I appreciate that you’re trying to help all of us learn to eat healtheir, but I find the tone of the hand out and the information on the related website to be … how should I put it … heavy-handed? offensive? Maybe those aren’t exactly the words I’m looking for, but I don’t know how else to put it.

Looking for more information…

I got back a polite reply.

Thank you for your feedback regarding the CATCH Commitment. As a healthy living school, we seek ways to ensure our students continue to learn the value of eating well and living a healthy lifestyle. Although parents are not restricted on bringing in outside food, we would love to see our entire school fully support the healthy meals served here by participating in the food program here. Of course, parents are welcome to pack students’ lunches. In terms of soft drinks, district policy states schools are not allowed to serve soft drinks and, going along with our focus on healthy eating, we are striving to encourage parents not to send such drinks to school with students. In no way was the CATCH Commitment meant to be offensive, but more of a rally to make healthy living even more of a focus at AJW. We appreciate your considering supporting healthy living in this way and, by all means, please call with any further questions.

I let him know I appreciate everything the school Chef does to make healthy meals for the students. I liked the food, but my son is the pickiest eater I know and he doesn’t want to eat the school lunches. The medicine my son takes makes it even harder to get him to eat anything for lunch at all. We try to send healthy things with him every day, but there are no guarantees.

The original Chef who started the CATCH program has moved on to another school. The quality of the meals has gone downhill and I won’t even eat them anymore. What sounds good on paper doesn’t always work the way you think.

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