Who are the 47 percent?

Last night, during the debate, one of my Facebook friends posted “I am the 47% Dammit!” That’s something that I wouldn’t admit on Facebook. My first thought was, “My God, woman, have some pride in yourself! Don’t be a victim.”

A lot of the people in Mitt Romney‘s 47% wouldn’t be there if they had a job. Job creation under Obama has been non-existent. In last night’s debate, Romney laid out the numbers.

What you’re seeing in this country is 23 million people struggling to find a job, and a lot of them have been out of work for a long, long, long, long time.

The president’s policies have been exercised over the last four years, and they haven’t put Americans back to work. We have fewer people working today than we had when the president took office. The unemployment rate was 7.8 percent when he took office. It’s 7.8 percent now. But if you calculated that unemployment rate taking back the people who dropped out of the workforce, it would be 10.7 percent. We have not made the progress we need to make to put people back to work.

You should not want to be in the 47% and if you have any pride you will not admit it. Most people want to be in the 53% that pay federal income tax, because they want a good paying job!

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via New Trommetter Times http://www.trommetter.com/log/archives/2012/10/17/who-are-the-47-percent/


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