Obama Campaign Ad Compares Voting to Sex

Election 2012

Outrage over Girls star Lena Dunham’s election video paid for by the president’s campaign.

Why is it always about sex and the bedroom for liberals? They’re always screaming, “Stay out of my bedroom! Stay out of my womb!” Then they ask me to reach into my pocket and pay for their birth control. Makes no sense to me.
Some women want their first time to be with a “beefcake” who will be a great family man and father. I think I just described Paul Ryan? Ladies, do you find Mitt Romney‘s VP sexy? And for those women who like a smart man, he’s very smart too. Some people have said that this year’s Republicans are the smartest, best looking Presidential ticket ever.

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via New Trommetter Times http://www.trommetter.com/log/archives/2012/10/26/obama-campaign-ad-compares-voting-to-sex/


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