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I am on a journey. A journey that began on my couch and ends at Furman University. This journey will take me nine weeks to complete. You’re probably wondering what kind of journey would take nine weeks to get from here to Furman? It’s less than 10 miles from here! Well, the journey I am on is called “Couch to 5K.”

C25K is a running program that helps couch potatoes like myself get out of the living room and onto the track to run five kilometers. (That’s just over 3 miles for those of you unfamiliar with the metric system.) So far I have logged over 20 training miles, one or 1.5 miles at a time. (That’s according to the app I have on my phone, there’s an app for everything.)

Why does this journey end at Furman University? Because on April 20th, I’ll run in my first ever 5K event at Timmons Arena. It’s a race to benefit Nightlight Christian Adoptions. I’m also scheduled to run in the Verizon Wireless “Rule the Road” 5K on May 16th.

What’s my motivation? A lot of people say, “I had a wake up call when my doctor told me my bad cholesterol number was in the stratosphere. So I realized I had to start exercising.” My motivation is a little different. Sure, I want to get into shape and my cholesterol number isn’t great.

I think my son would be a great runner, but I’m having trouble getting him motivated to run. He’s a 2nd grader at AJ Whittenberg Elementary School of Engineering in downtown Greenville. They have a club, the “AJ Running Bots,” but TJ doesn’t want to participate. How can I get him to participate?

Become a coach! My son says he’ll join the running club if I can do it with him. I can’t be a running coach if I can’t run myself. (I always hated fat gym teachers in school.) That’s why I’m on a journey from “couch to 5K.”

–JasonTromm 3/27/2013

source: http://www.trommetter.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=On_a_Journey

via New Trommetter Times http://www.trommetter.com/log/archives/2013/03/28/on-a-journey/


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