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Medicaid Expansion Actually Drove Up Visits To ER, Study Shows

Topic HealthcareThere’s nothing counter-intuitive about this. Of course people are going to take advantage of ERs when they have insurance. They figure “I’ve got it, why not use it.” The state expanded Medicaid without educating their customers.

My group insurance policy (which I pay for) sends out reminders about when you should go to your doctor, urgent care and the ER. It helps keep costs down. I pay attention to those rules because it keeps my premiums low.

Even if you educate Medicaid patients they probably will still visit the ER when they don’t need it. They’re not paying their insurance premiums so they don’t care how much it costs.

Same thing has happened with smart phone data usage caps. When people had unlimited data, they didn’t use very much. When they pay per GB, they use more because they say “I’m paying for it, I’m going to use all of it.”


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