Injury, Therapy and Recovery

I haven’t run at all since March 21st. It’s been too painful, it feels like I’ve got a nail in my heel. Self diagnosis? Plantar fascitis. So I’ve been resting, stretching, icing, doing everything I can to reduce the swelling in my foot, all to no avail.

So this week I went to visit the chiropractor. He did an exam, took some X-rays and came to the same conclusion. My hips are out of alignment which makes my left leg one half-inch shorter than my right. That affects my gait and causes the heel pain.


SideXrayHeelPainRedTreatment: Electrical stimulation of my lower back, cold laser therapy on my foot and chiropractic adjustment. Had my first treatment yesterday afternoon and I can notice a slight difference in my foot already. No running for another month, therapy twice a week.

Hopefully, I’ll get back to normal soon.

from Poor Jason’s Almanac


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