Charleston Shooting

The #CharlestonShooter does not represent South Carolinians. We are a progressive state. We are the only state with both a minority Governor and Senator. That should tell you something about our electorate.

The Confederate flag everyone is talking about does not “fly over the Capitol.” In 2000 it was moved to a small Confederate soldier memorial. I can’t find any current pictures online that show the true perspective because everyone shoots it from a low angle making it look like it’s flying much higher. The flag is a part of our history and represents Heritage, not hate.

If you want to have a debate about it, that’s fine, but now is not the time. Removal of the flag will not help the people of Charleston heal. Let’s take time to honor the lives of those who died and their many accomplishments.

The people of Charleston of all races have come together to support those who died at Emanuel AME Church. There have been no riots like those in Ferguson or Baltimore. #PrayForCharleston

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